Wax Carving Club

2019 dates:

21st of June

12th of July, 19th of July

2nd of August

20th of September, 27th of September

4th of October, 25th of October

1st of November, 15th of November

6th of December


Friday 2 -5pm

The Club is open to all who would like to continue with their wax carving practice. The idea is to provide a dedicated space for people to enjoy carving in a relaxed environment and meet people who share the same interest. All different kinds of waxes and wax tools will be available for you to use and realize your creative ideas.

There will be an option to use metalworking bench for finishing your metal casts as well.

The casting won’t part of these sessions but could be arranged for you.

Tutor will be there to help you with any project or questions. You may have ideas of what you would like to do but feel free just to pop-in to enjoy the carving. The best designs quite often come during the process of making itself.

There won’t be a formal teaching involved so to join the club you would need to know basic of wax carving and sculpting. Ideally you would be a former student of one of my wax carving workshops or you would know the basics of wax carving from elsewhere.

The club will operate on drop-in basis and will be running on Fridays 2-5pm twice a month. Cheaper rates are available if you book 5 or 10 Clubs in advance.

 Drop-in: £35, 5xClub: £150, 10xClub: £280

If you would plan to use metalworking bench please book this in advance as spaces are limited. (Please email Mirka: midasskillsschool@gmail.com)

Studio 627, St Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

Tutor: Mirka Janeckova