25,26,27 July
10:30 am - 4 pm

1 hour lunch break (bring your own lunch or something to share with everyone)

This workshops aim is to help you reconnect with yourself and a nature around you. It will help to appreciate and be more aware of your surroundings.

At the beginning of the workshop we will go for a walk near Holyrood Park to collect some soil and stones.
Later on in the studio we will prepare it for grinding.

Every participant can prepare by looking for images that would be an inspiration for the workshop. A theme that they would like to explore. This will be discussed with a tutor and everyone will receive a guidance throughout the whole process.

There will be a short guided meditation in the morning and after lunch break. It will help us to reconnect with our bodies and become more present.
During the whole process we will be reminded that the focus is not on the finished painting. It is on every brush stroke and every mark we make. It is about being fully present and enjoying the process.

Cost of the 3 day workshop is £200
Deposit of £70 is required with registration.