After graduation from Glasgow School of Art and then  Royal College of Art I set up my own practice and jewellery school at Beaverhall Art Studios. I am also p/t Teaching Fellow at ECA (Edinburgh University).

I am specializing in ancient techniques of Lost Wax Carving and Sculpting and in using non/traditional materials in jewellery such as porcelain or glass.


My own practice is based on interdisciplinary research – I work across the disciplines of jewellery, metal, glass and ceramics. I work experimentally and my aim is to broaden our perception of what materials could be used for. I like to develop innovative techniques which then allow me to produce visually unique work. My successful research would be technique of merging metal casting with porcelain and now my main interest is in exploring the visual potential of glass/metals connections.


I see my jewellery as a container for wearer’s emotions, memories and hopes.  I am inspired by surrealism and their strategies of accessing hidden imaginary of our mind.  My pieces refer to the body in an abstract way, exploring the relationship between people and their subconscious mind.

I am concentrating on using only ‘white’ materials as porcelain, silver, aluminium and textile to create playful, poetic pieces. White light contains all the others colour of the spectrum so for me it is a symbol of the unity.


Since graduating, my practice has developed and I am selling and exhibiting both in UK and internationally (Art Jewellery Biennale, China, JOYA, Barcelona, Creativity Ogetti, Italy, BKV Prize, Munich,) and my work received several awards. My research of porcelain and metals connections resulted in 'White Collection', 2013/2014. This body of work was awarded The Most Innovative Collection Award 2015 at International Jewellery London (selected form over 500 trade exhibitors).


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