Beginners Online Class

This Class is designed with beginners in mind. You will be taken through all stages of the process step by step with some links to demonstrations online so you can get a better idea of the nature of the process and how we mix and use brushes and paints.

Current situation will be also taken into consideration where shops to by materials online and other possibilities will be considered.

Evening Classes

Evening classes will be perfect for those who can't commit to weekend workshops and for those who would like to make icon painting their regular practice.

Classes are open to beginners and more experienced students.

Over 10 weeks you will work on a simple icon (simple design). There will be 3 icons to chose from which will be emailed to you before the start of the course. You can also bring your own design.

Individual Tuition

You are welcome to contact Basia to arrange the time and date for the individual tuition. Some people prefer to have the whole attention and also a program tailored to what they want to explore most.

You might be interested in learning different methods of gold gilding,

or focusing on the egg tempera as a technique, not connected to any particular style of painting,

you might want to learn traditional varnishing (using traditional Varnish).

Introduction to Egg Tempera/Icon Painting. Beginners

This short workshop is designed to introduce icon painting/egg tempera.
We will explore Russian method.



1 June 2019

11 am - 3 pm

Icon Painting/Egg Tempera demonstration and taster

Invitation to a demonstration of traditional Icon painting.

Using Egg Tempera technique. It will be a Russian Style that involves working with thin layers of paint.

It is a very unique method of painting. Using light to build shapes instead of shadows.

Starting from foundations that are almost darkest tones and then applying thin layers of light.

Then the magic happens and an image emerges from the surface.

Icon Painting Wednesday day time classes. All levels

Wednesday classes are perfect for students that would like to make Icon Painting into their regular practice. You will receive support from your teacher but also from the community of other icon painters. You will have a chance to exchange your ideas and experiences. You will become a part of a vibrant arts and crafts community. All welcome.

Icon Painting/Egg tempera weekend workshop. All levels

This workshop is designed for people with different to non artistic experience. Either you are looking for a new inspiration in your artistic practise, or you would like to introduce new technique/style to your work or you would like to start being more creative. Maybe you are looking for quiet, meditative practice. This workshop is for you.

Icon Painting/Egg Tempera Intensive Course. All levels

Intensive course is especially good for those who are just starting their journey with art/icon painting. And for those who are looking for 5 days of quiet creativity. It will give you a chance to see the process of creating an icon and really immerse yourself into your painting. 

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