I was born 44 years ago in a glazier shop in southern Spain.

It was the family business so, anyone in the household were somehow involved. My task at that time, cutting thousands of small mirrored squares to make disco balls!!!

Fascination with glass started early, and this material has been surrounding myself since.


I studied Stained glass and Glass design at the “Centre del Vidre” in Barcelona.

I also earned a degree in photography and audiovisual communication from the Complutense University of Madrid.


I work predominantly with both stained and bespoke kiln glass.


I am an applied artist. The majority of my work is functional and utilitarian.

As such, when I design and manufacture a piece of stained glass I always have in mind how the light passing through it will change the atmosphere of the space and how this might affect the work itself and those witness.


My inspiration comes from natural imagery, sometimes from very delicate magnified images, sometimes form abstractions coming from nature.

All my work is largely influenced by the colours, shapes and pictorial style of medieval stained glass, however achieved in a contemporary vein.


For twelve years I have managed my own studio where I work on both private and public commissions as well as doing ongoing research into a variety of glass techniques.


I have been a teacher in the “Andalusian School of Glass” and nowadays I teach in the Edinburgh Council adult education's program.


I am a Member of the Contemporary Glass Society and Scottish Glass Society.


Currently I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland.