Amulets and Talismans


Recycled Silver option available.:


No more dates available for the rest of 2019, 2020 dates will be announced soon



Time: 10:00am 3pm (lunch break 30 min)

Learn sculptural wax carving technique and make your own silver talisman.

This workshop is aimed for people who would like to learn sculptural wax carving. Lost wax is very expressive and exciting technique because of its nearly unlimited sculptural possibilities and it is very relaxing, mindful practice.

This workshop is suitable for beginners but also for people who would like to deepen their understanding of lost wax technique.

We will play with different ideas and try various kinds of special waxes. You will learn basics of wax carving and sculpting. After lunch we decide on the final design which could be pendant, ring or anything else and you spend rest of the day making. This item will be then casted in Sterling Silver (or other metal).​

People were using jewellery for ‘magical’ purposes since the beginning of the civilization. In the past, people associated the objects they wear close to their body with certain symbolism or protection.  How would talisman looks today? Could it still somehow improve our wellbeing? In this workshop you will reimagine talisman and explore your own connections between the form and its symbolic meaning.​

All the material and tools will be provided.

Finalised (casted, cleaned and finished) talismans will be ready to pick up (or sent) in 3 weeks.

£95 (includes silver piece)

£110 (includes Recycled Silver piece)

Studio 627, St Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

Tutor: Mirka Janeckova