Porcelain in Jewellery



30th of August 2020

4th of October 2020


Time: 2-5pm

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced jewellers who would like to try new material. You will learn about different clay techniques and how to make jewellery from porcelain. 


Porcelain pieces may appear fragile but actually fired porcelain is very hard material. On Mohs scale of hardness porcelain is 7 which is the hardness of most semiprecious stones as Quartz family (Amethyst, Citrine etc.) or Garnets. It is much harder than glass (glass is 5,5) or silver (2.5).  Porcelain is fired on the temperature of 1240-1400C which makes it so durable and very well suited for jewellery.

During this workshop I will be introducing various types of clay (including Black Onyx porcelain!),  how to work with clay, firings, various decorative techniques and colouring.  Students will think about the connections of clay and other materials and how their samples could relate to the body.

Fired porcelain pieces will be available to pick up (or sent, £4.50 P+P) within 1 week.

£65 (includes all materials and firings)

Bookings for groups available (min 3 people, flexible date and time, please contact tutor)

Studio 9, Beaverhall Artist Studios, 27 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh, EH74JE

Tutor: Mirka Janeckova