Icon and Glass Painting


14th - 15th April

26th - 27th May

Saturday and Sunday 10:30 am - 4 pm

Half an hour lunch break.


Small groups (max 6 students) for plenty of personal tuition.

First Saturday (14th April) you will start working with the Basia and on Sunday (15th April) with David. 

Next weekend we'll work the other way around: Saturday 26th May with our glass piece and Sunday 27th with our egg tempera paint. 

You will work on one image that will be translated into Icon Painting and Glass Painting.

Over two weekends you will explore two different media.

There are many similarities in both glass and icon painting. They both meet on many levels.


Basia and David are showing their personal view of the same matter but both working with their own tools.

The main aim of each piece is to portrait a person's soul. As the traditional icon is a representation of divinity, for us any human-being is a part of that divine mystery, or buddahood. This work is not connected with any religious belief. Although Christian imagery is very present, it only works like a pretext for a wider subject.

Every image is a map of one spiritual travel. A mixture of dreams, beliefs, aspirations and the fate imprinted on everyone.

Icon Painting

In this part of a workshop you will learn principles of egg tempera. You will work on one image of traditional icon. This will help to understand the tradition of Icon and it's meaning.


You will learn:

Preparation of egg yolk binding medium.
How face futures are built in iconography, eyes, nose and lips.
Russian method brush work and thin layering to achieve smooth surface
Dry brush work; using dry on dry method
Unique method of building shapes with light where the image emerges from darkness.

Glass Painting

This is a course to introduce you into the traditional technique of fired paint on glass.

We'll work with the same image that you worked on with Basia but you'll learn how to translate into a glass paint.

We'll work two days on the same image so you have two firings to achieve the right density and volume on your image.

Suitable for complete beginners and perfect for those who wants to bring their stained glass practice into another level.

On this course we'll cover he basis of working with glass paint: how to mix glass paint, various painting techniques, and kiln firing.