Keeping the community together during lock down.

Beginners Online Class



Using Zoom online meetings.


12pm - 2pm


9th April

For the structure of each class

1. Check in

2. Introduction by me

3. Consultation - guidance

4. Working on your own with the music shared by me

5. Consultation

6. Working on your own.

7. Consultation and a check out.


I'm starting with Classes as we don't know how long the lock down will last but this class will most likely continue even after lock down.

The cost of 5 Classes is £175.

As in the physical Classes we will go through all stages of the process with some adjustments depending on the materials the participants have. With a particular focus


Stages of work include:

1. Sketching and designing. Students can use images of icons provided as an inspiration or just alter an original image slightly. Students are encouraged to be creative and listen to their instincts.

2. Transferring finished drawings onto a panel covered with layers of gesso. Panels are provided and ready for students to use as it takes at least 2 days to prepare them. (It is possible to have an additional tuition on making panels on a request).

3. Redrawing with paint. At this stage students will start learning how to make paints using egg yolk and dry pigments.

4. Once all surfaces are covered with enough layers of ground we can start building shapes using lights. In icon painting we don’t build shapes with shadows.

5. Gilding – for students who would like to try gilding. We would normally cover small surface using schlagmetal leafs which is not a real gold leaf. It is an excellent method for beginners as gold leaf is extremely thin and difficult to work with. We will use oil gilding.

6. Applying final lights and highlights. Finishing.

7. It is recommended to wait at least few weeks before varnishing finished icon painted in egg tempera. Students are welcome to arrange a time and date to come back and varnish their paintings.

Once you book you will receive an email about materials that you need.