About Us

The inspiration to set up the school came from  an ancient Greek myth of king Midas who was able to turn everything he touched into gold. We endeavour to teach you new techniques and skills which will enable you to turn everything you touch into ‘gold’ – expression of your own creative mind.

The project is a collaboration of three practitioners David Mola, Mirka Janeckova and Basia Mindewicz (Edinburgh School of Icon Painting).

What We Do

School provides independent and professional education for anyone willing to learn art and craft skills. We are committed to providing a high quality learning experience in a friendly environment.

We are specialising in art and craft techniques – from Icon painting to Glass Making and Jewellery.

We welcome students of all abilities from complete beginners to experienced artists that want to investigate new techniques.

School Ethos

From the experience of many years of working with students came the need to show a different ways to engage in creativity and inspire connection in between art and craft and different techniques.

Midas project is not only about teaching techniques. It is also about inviting you to become a part of a community. By learning particular skills we would like to show you how to become more connected to yourself. How to invite stillness to your life.



Hi, It's Basia Mindewicz,an Icon Painter and Contemporary Artist.


Hi! It's Mirka, a Jewellery Designer and Maker.


Hi! It's David Mola,

a Glass Designer.