Porcelain in Jewellery course (5 or 10 weeks)

Wednesdays 7-9pm


Winter 2020 term:

1: 15th of January

2: 22nd of January

3: 29th of January

4: 5th of February

5: 19th of February

6: 26th of February

7: 4th of March

8: 11th of March

9: 18th of March

10: 25th of March


This is the course for those who would like to learn about porcelain in jewellery. Porcelain is a fascinating material and is very well suited for your jewellery practice. Porcelain pieces may appear fragile but actually fired porcelain is very hard material. On Mohs scale of hardness porcelain is 7 which is the hardness of most semiprecious stones as Quartz family (Amethyst, Citrine etc.) or Garnets. It is much harder than glass (glass is 5,5) or silver (2.5).  Porcelain is fired on the temperature of 1240-1400C which makes it so durable and very well suited for jewellery techniques such as setting or casting. In this 10 weeks course, you would be able to explore this medium in more depth.  

The advantage of this class is that there will be firings every week so you would be able to have finished pieces every week. It will help you to make informed decision and progress further with your next designs. In this course you will learn about different ways of clay forming, slip casting, colour in porcelain (here we will use both stains and glazes), decals, lustres and other decorative techniques. This class is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced jewellers who would like to learn a new technique. You may choose to do only first 5 classes and finish earlier at week 5.



Session 1:

Introduction to porcelain

Basic forming techniques

Making samples for other techniques


Session 2:

Using colour in porcelain

Stains and glazes samples


Session 3:

Mould making


Session 4:

Slip casting

Jewellery findings, stringing and additional materials


Session 5:

First self-directed project


Session 6:

Decorative techniques: Decals


Session 7:

Decorative techniques: Lustre


Session 8:

Decorative techniques: drawing, printmaking and printing on porcelain


Session 9:

Final self-directed project: design


Session 10:

Final self-directed project

Studio 627, St Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

Tutor: Mirka Janeckova