Wax Carving Course (5 or 10 weeks)

Wednesdays 7-9pm

Autumn 2019 dates:

1: 2nd of October

2: 9th of October

3: 16th of October

4: 23rd of October

5: 30th of October

6: 6th of November

7: 13th of November

8: 20th of November

9: 27th of November

10: 4th of December


We will be using Lost Wax carving and sculpting techniques to create your items first in wax which then will be casted in the metal. The casting will take place twice during the length of the course (once if you choose 5 weeks course). This workshop is suitable for complete beginners, no previous metalworking experience is required. I believe that working with wax is easier for most people then working directly with metals. Just please note that we well be working on a small, jewellery scale. After this course, you would have all the knowledge to continue using this technique independently.


First, we will learn variety of wax carving and sculpting techniques. You will produce several wax models. From these, we will choose your favourite model which will be prepared for the first casting.

I will advice you about the cost of your model according to the weight of your wax.

(Please note that the price of the metal is not included in the fee and will depend on the weight of your model).


Then your models will be casted in metal. We will learn how to clean and finish your metal jewellery. You will learn basics of filling, sanding and polishing. Then, you will be able to decide on the final finish of your jewellery - shiny, matt, oxidized (blackened)  or combination of these techniques.


The whole process will be repeated again - you will make another wax models which will be casted in metal. This time, your design decisions will be informed by the results of the first casting.





Session 1:

Introduction to Lost Wax Technique

Wax tools and materials - small tests


Session 2:

Wax Carving Techniques


Session 3:

Wax Sculpting Techniques


Session 4:

Preparing your models for casting

First casting take place


Session 5:

Finishing the metals: filling, sanding, polishing

Introduction to the finished: shiny, matt, oxidized


Session 6:

Designing your final pieces


Session 7: Carving and sculpting wax models


Session 8: Carving and Sculpting final pieces

Preparation for casting

Second casting takes place


Session 9:

Production jewellery - mould making and multiplying


Session 10:

Finishing the metal castings


(Please note that the price of the metal is not included in the fee)

Studio 627, St Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

Tutor: Mirka Janeckova